A project manager on his laptop and taking notes on his clipboard.The day can seem awfully short when a project has you feeling under pressure. Simply working more hours isn’t always the best way to get more done, so let’s look at some alternative tips.

1. Make a List

Making a short list of the things you need to get done might not seem like an awfully big deal but it can help you out greatly. If you try and keep all the information in your head then you are likely to only confuse yourself. By simply writing down what needs done you can feel a lot more comfortable about the work outstanding and, therefore, get more of it done.

2. Delegate

If you have 20 things needing done you don’t need to do them all yourself, do you? The reason you have a project team is to share out the work and you need to start to take advantage of this. I would suggest that you begin to take a bit of time each day to consider what tasks you can delegate out to other people.

3. Prioritize

Have you ever spent hours on a task and then realized that you should actually have been putting more effort into something else entirely? We all do this at times and the best way to avoid wasting time is to know your priorities before you get started.

4. Enjoy More Energy

Let’s look at a slightly different approach here. I used to feel low on energy at work and this was reflected in the work I did. One of my colleagues then told me how he went swimming each day before going to the office. I didn’t really think that I had the time to do this but I decided there and then to try and get more energy into my life. I started doing 10 minutes of exercise before leaving the house and then walking to work. You should think about what way of feeling more energetic would best suit you and your lifestyle.

5. Do the Things You Enjoy First

I used to feel guilty about cherry picking my tasks from the to do list. It seemed somehow wrong to do the things I liked best first. Then I realized that as long as I got the job done well no one was going to complain about the order in which I did things.

6. Find Your Best Moment

Are you a morning or afternoon person? We all have our own best moments in the day and it is important that we use this time as productively as possible. This is the time for getting things done and making a success of the day.

7. Get Motivated

It‘s a pretty simple formula really; the more motivated you are the more you are likely to get the job done. As we each get motivated by different things it is essential that you take the time to consider what you want achieve. The only person who can tell you this is yourself.

8. Don’t Put Things Off

Procrastination is never a good idea in any aspect of your life but in project work it can be especially tempting. This shouldn’t be confused with the earlier point of doing the things you enjoy first, as they are two separate issues. If you have a task which needs done and which you keep putting off then it may take some real force of will to get started on it. However, you should remember that you are the person who is going to end up in trouble if you don’t get it done on time.

9. Plan Your Day

Sometimes getting a bit more out of your day can be as simple as planning what you need to do in advance. Just 5 or 10 minutes at the start of each day might be enough for you to calmly work though your list of things to do and see how you can fit it all in. First thing in the morning is when the day looks long and the possibilities for getting a lot of work done pretty high, so it is the perfect time to plan ahead positively.

10. Focus on the Objectives

Of course, as well as getting a lot of things done you will want to do the right things. If you get to the end of the day and see that you didn’t advance towards your objectives then you won’t be able to look on it as a very fruitful day. Focus on what you need to achieve and try to get it done so that you can keep moving the project and your career forwards.