About CobaltPM

dashboardCobaltPM is a project management solution with an innovative and easy-to-use interface. It provides individual users and teams the tools to work together in a collaborative environment for managing all of the projects that they are working on.

The graphical gantt-chart interface in CobaltPM makes it easy to plan and manage project schedules. You can easily track issues, risks, changes and documents related to task items. The powerful dashboard and reporting allows project managers and team members to have easy access to information across all of their projects. Team members can see all of their tasks across multiple projects in one view and provide task updates and comments that get updated into the project schedule in real-time.

The application is offered as a hosted Software-as-a-Service model (SaaS) in the cloud for an affordable monthly rate. There is nothing to install and you and your team can access yours projects from anywhere with only a web browser. The Free Trial is a risk-free way to find out if CobaltPM is a good fit for your organization. No credit card is required for the trial.

Company Information

IBS LogCobaltPM was built by Integrated Business Solutions, LLC, a consulting firm founded in 2001 that specializes in technology solutions for project management and controls.

Our experience implementing enterprise-level project management solutions has lead us to the conclusion that smaller teams should be able to have access to similar tools without the high cost typically associated with a large-scale, on-premise project management system.

We built CobaltPM with smaller teams in mind, to offer a project management tool with enterprise-grade functionality in an easy-to-use, web-based solution at an affordable Tramadol cheap price. CobaltPM offers the project management functionality of systems that cost significantly more to implement internally within organizations without the need for IT overhead and costly software upgrades. With CobaltPM, you are always running the latest version and we are continually improving the product through regular updates.

Our team is experienced in building project management solutions, with capabilities in Business Intelligence, Project Management, Software Development, and System Integration. We have brought to the table the best experience from our consulting background to build a project management tool that meets our standards of quality and functionality that we prefer to use on our projects.