Hallmark of QualityWhen you deliver a project there are a number of factors which are hugely important in determining whether you made a success of it or not. Whether or not you have made it under budget and on time are sure to be a couple of the issues which most people are interested in.

However, we can’t afford to forget about the quality you have delivered as well. A project isn’t much good if you finish it early and at little cost but it doesn’t delivery on the quality aspect so let’s take a look at how you can tell whether you got this aspect right.

The Solution Does What It Was Supposed To Do

The simplest way of looking at the issue of quality in a project is to go back to the beginning and see what we were originally asked to do. If you haven’t delivered on this then we can leave aside any other points and say that the project lacked quality. This may sound rather harsh but projects are all about giving the business users what they need and if you haven’t done that then it can’t be considered a success. Even if you have over achieved in other areas you will have failed in the main consideration of any piece of project work.

Do the Users Understand It?

Once you give your end users the system or process they need then you also need to show them how to use it. This should be an easy part of the project but if you have skipped it or messed it up then you can’t consider your project to carry the hallmark of quality. Of course, this point is relatively easy to sort out even after the rest of the project work has been done but you don’t want to be in a situation in which the stakeholders have to come back to you and ask for some training to be done long after the rest of the work has finished. Getting the users to fully understand what you have developed for them has to be one of your priorities and you should look to do it to the best possible standard instead of viewing it as an additional job which doesn’t matter as much as the rest.

Is Your Process a Reliable Long-Term Solution?

We have already looked at whether you have delivered what was asked of you but what if you did this without making it reliable enough for long-term use? It might seem like you have given them what they want but maybe it won’t stand the test of time and will be too slow or unreliable or cumbersome to use for as long as the business area would like. Part of the quality aspect of your project has to lie in taking the time to test your solution and ensure that it is going to be suitable for a long time. This means that simply putting together a process which looks good on the surface isn’t good enough. You need to understand what the end-users will use it for, the volume of use and the kind of stress it will be put under at certain times. With all of this knowledge you can deliver a quality solution which stands the test of time.

Are the End-Users and Stakeholders Happy?

Ultimately, it is the reaction of the people who matter most which will tell you how big a success you have made of the project and how much quality you have delivered in it. People can be strange at times and even if you are looking to deliver everything which they have asked for they might still not be happy. This is why you need to work hard to ensure that you know exactly what they want and how to give it to them. If you do this then you should find that they are happy with the quality of what you deliver. As well as this, you shouldn’t forget to take into account your own gut feelings on the matter. You will know better than anyone how impressive your work was and whether you could have done anything in a better way. By fully examining your thoughts on the matter you can work out whether you need to improve something for your projects in the future or whether the quality you have delivered is a high as you could have hoped to give.