A miserable project manager drinking coffee and stressed out.If you are planning to make a career out of being a project manager then you will want to do everything you can to be happy doing it. The good news is that it is the kind of role which allows you to find a way of working which suits you and keeps you happy. I have worked in other roles in which it was impossible to get out a rut once you enter in it, so you should be sure to take advantage of this aspect of project management work.

Change Your Hours

I will start off with this idea because it is the easiest one to put into practice and one which worked for me in the past as well. I had always worked from 9 to 5 in the past but for a long time I had longed to get a bit more flexibility in my life. I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal but when you are forced to work to a rigid timetable every single working day for your whole career it can turn into a frustration after a while. I had always wanted to enjoy a more flexible approach so that I didn’t feel as though I was running around all day long chasing my tail. By adding this degree of flexibility to my job I felt a lot happier and realized that I wasn’t trapped in the kind of work in which I would have to stick to exactly the same routine until I retired.

Switch the Tasks Around

Another problem which can grow into something which starts to ruin your life is when you are unhappy with the tasks you have allocated to yourself. In fact, now that I think about it, a worse situation can be when your team members are unhappy with the task they have been allocated and start complaining to you about it. In either case, the ideal solution can be to switch things around. As well as keeping everyone fresh and on their toes it can breathe new life into the project by getting everyone to look at the issues in a different light. You certainly shouldn’t fall into the trap of thinking that once tasks are allocated they have to be done by the person who has been given them. Switching things around now and then can be a wonderful way of making the project more enjoyable for everyone involved in it.

Start All Over Again if Necessary

Perhaps the worst experience I have had in the project world was when I had the nagging suspicion that something had gone wrong and that the piece of work was going in the wrong direction. This is horrible when it happens, because it can leave you feeling powerless, especially if you can’t put your finger on the real issue. The worst thing you can do when this happens is to let things slide and hope that they get better on their own; they won’t. If you want to start feeling happy at work again then you need to do something about it, even if it means starting all over again. Hopefully it won’t need such drastic action to make you feel happy and positive again but you shouldn’t rule out the possibility if it is the course of action you need to take in order to get the piece of work back on track again.

Learn and Gain Experience

If there is one thing I hate at work it is feeling that I am out of depth or lost. You will quickly learn that this is a feeling which is difficult to avoid in the project world, as you are bounced from one project to another and need to quickly become an expert in something which you know little or nothing about. The only way to successfully feel more at ease is to learn as much as you can and look to gain a lot of experience. The first part of this solution means going on as many different courses as you can and pay attention to them. There are lots of diverse skills which you could pick up along the way and each one you learn will make you feel more content and a more complete project manager. When it comes to gaining experience I can only suggest getting involved in as many different types of project as you can and exposing yourself to as many ideas and work methods as you possible can.