A project manager is concerned about time management.The hours, days and weeks have a habit of slipping by when you are under pressure in a project. Instead of trying to work every waking hour it is a much better idea to try and organize your time in a way which will let you get things done on time. So how will you go about it?

Let the Team Members Work

Once you have delegated tasks to your team members it is not a good idea to try to control their work too much. Apart from showing a lack of trust in other people this will also eat up a lot of your time. The whole point of having a team work on your project is to divide up the effort needed so taking more of it on your own shoulders is not a good idea. At the start of the project you might have assigned certain task to each person. If you have done it this way then you just need to make sure that they report to with their regular updates and with any issues they come across.

Know What You Want to Do  

Most projects go through distinct phases. There are spells in which not a lot happens and others in which an awful lot of things happen at once. To be able to cope with both of these situations it is a sensible approach to always know what tasks you want to do. Your own personality will determine how exactly you go about this. You might want to produce a fairly detailed timetable of all of your tasks or you might prefer to go for something more high level. The most important thing is that you are comfortable with it. It is something which you need to do for yourself so the only thing which matters is how you feel about using it.

Know What Is Happening

By staying in control of the project and knowing where it is going you can save yourself a lot of time. This is because you won’t need to waste time running around trying to find out information whenever you need it. By putting in place a smart system for giving and receiving updates you can be sure that you always have the information you need at your fingertips. Of course, by doing this you might end up with more information than you really need. However, the opposite approach could see you scrabbling around to find something out when you desperately need to know it. I know which way I prefer to work.

Enjoy Your Time Off

I think that taking time out to relax away from the project is also a very important point. This type of job can take over your life if you let it and you definitely shouldn’t want to let that happen. Being dedicated and putting in a lot of hours is fine but you still need to find the right sort of balance between your work and home life. This will let you get more out of life and should also ensure that you have a longer and more successful career into the bargain.

Focus on the Important Stuff

It is easy to get caught up in something relatively unimportant and let the day fly by you. Your time is too precious for it to be taken up by stuff which doesn’t matter that much. You need to develop a keen sense of priorities early on in your project management career in order to sniff out the things which are likely to waste your time. If you can do this then you can work effectively and make the very best of your time. Don’t worry if it seems impossible at first; it is a talent you are almost certain to pick up as you go along provided that you try to do so.

Use Your Diary

I find that my work diary is 100% vital in keeping me working in the most efficient way. Here is where I put down all of my meeting and most important tasks, so without it I would be lost. I also like to give my team access to the virtual version of the diary so that we can all see what available time everyone else on the project has. Having a well laid out diary will definitely help you switch from one task to another at the right time, and this will in turn help you work more effectively and efficiently.