A project manager is frustrated with his team member who is goofing off and not pulling his weight.If you have a great project team working with you then the work you do is going to go a lot more smoothly. These are the people who will help you get the project over the finishing line, so what you do when one of them isn’t doing their job as well as they should do?

There are a few different possible solutions you could look at. In fact, most of the ones I can come up can be used together, so it isn’t a question of trying to pick just one from the following list. What you could do is work your way through the list – and any other ideas you come up with – and try to cover off all of the different ways of getting them producing a high standard of work.

Ask Them What’s Wrong

The first step is also the most obvious one, although it is one which is easy to forget if you aren’t careful. The person who is struggling almost certainly knows that they aren’t giving it their best shot and might very well be glad to be asked what the problem is. Of course, if they are new to the role then they will need you to be understanding with them and show a great deal of patience. This is one of the most difficult parts of the job at times but if you can encourage them until they enjoy a good career then it will be extremely rewarding for you to look back on the help you gave them in the early days. By asking them what they need help with you will break down any barriers between you and get the recovery process started.

Inspire Them

Maybe what the person really needs is for you to inspire them more. This is something which might sound like a foreign concept to you at the start but hopefully you will get into your stride and start to become an inspiring project manager over time. There are a number of different ways you could do this and the more you manage to get your teams’ inspiration levels up the more you will realize that it is worth doing. By inspiring others you will also find that you end up inspiring yourself to turn in a better standard of work as well.

Train Them

It could be that the person in question simply doesn’t have the level of knowledge needed to do the job as well as you would like them to do. Rather than complaining about this you should start to think about how you could them improve. Unlike in some other jobs, this isn’t a short and simple process. There are so many different aspects to working in the project world that you will need to give them plenty of time until they are comfortable with all of the new tasks and ideas they have learned. We also need to remember that the training needs to be an ongoing thing which helps them through their entire time in your team.

Give Them a Mentor

Sometimes the best move is to get someone to help out with a little bit of mentoring. This is a brilliant way of working in projects, as otherwise it can be a bit of a lonely job for anyone who is new to it and who knows that they aren’t performing well. The choice of mentor can be a tough one but maybe you have someone who could be a perfect fit. You need to find someone who will get on with the new worker obviously but you should also think about how their skills and personalities will blend together when they work together on a project.

Give Them an Easier Task

If you are the middle of a hectic period of work then it could be difficult to do any of the above things. I don’t generally like the idea of simply switching someone to an easier task, as it is a short term patch on the issue rather than a sustainable and long term solution. However, it is something which you might need to do at certain times when you simply can’t dedicate the time or resources to doing anything else. If you do end up doing this then you should be sure to explain to the team member that once the work situation calms down a little you will make sure that the time is spent on getting them the help they really need.