proud-project-managerWhen you are given a new project to run it is likely to take up a big chunk of your life in next year or so. This means that rather than just tolerating it and trying to get through it without any pain you should try and take the steps to help you love it instead. This might even be easier than you think.

Put More of Yourself Into It

The more you put of your own thoughts and ideas into the piece of work the more chance there is of you really enjoying it. It is a wonderful feeling to see something you have invested a lot of energy in come to fruition, while it isn’t quite the same when you work to bring other people’s ideas to life. This doesn’t mean that you need to control every single aspect of the project and not let anyone get their ideas anywhere near it. However, it does mean that you should try your best to feel as though you are running a piece of work which you have invested a lot of time and ideas in. This might only take you a little bit of extra time to do but the rewards will make it very worthwhile if you end up with a project you love instead of just tolerating.

Do as Good a Job as Possible

This is similar to the previous point in some respects but not in others. In my experience, the better you do the job the more you will love doing it. This covers the little things as well as the major factors like your project plan and your meetings. If you try to scrape by doing the minimum possible to complete the job then you aren’t going to be as satisfied as you would be if you went the extra mile on every aspect of the project. If you can treat every task as being worth doing really well then you should find that you enjoy the whole thing. I don’t think that this has to necessarily involve working a lot more hours or making yourself ill in trying to deliver the perfect solution. It is simply about taking a great deal of pride in everything you do and being able to go to work each day with your head held high knowing that you are doing a great job. This is a habit you will get into and which you will carry into other jobs without even thinking about it.

Build Strong Relationships

Another aspect of your projects which is vitally important to your enjoyment of them is the area of the relationships you build up with stakeholders and team members. It can be a pain to go into work each day knowing that you are going to have to fend off stakeholders with problems and deal with team members who aren’t as motivated as they should be. On the other hand, if you can deal with this effectively at the start of the piece of work then the presence of strong working relationships can help you get a lot more fun out of the work. For example, you could make your project office a place where you love going into each morning and you could also make the project meetings enjoyable and relaxed affairs. A lot of this comes down to getting everyone on the same side early on and working together while enjoying the tasks at hand.

Learn New Stuff

I always find that the more new stuff I learn on a piece of work the more I enjoy it. You might get handed a project which covers a lot of areas you already know. In this case your initial thoughts might be of relief but isn’t it possible that you will end up feeling a little bored or as though you aren’t being tested enough? I think that the more new stuff you can expose your mind to the better. In some pieces of work it might seem difficult to do this but sometimes it just needs you to put some extra thought into how you approach your days. For example, even if the subject matter is very familiar to you could it be possible for you to use some new tools or techniques to ensure that you work in a different way and enjoy it a little bit more? Every single project you deal with can give you a whole lot of learning opportunities if you approach it in the right way.