Project Scheduling


CobaltPM provides a powerful and user-friendly Gantt-chart view for planning projects. The task details can be updated on the tab sections at the bottom of the screen.

Drag-and-Drop Gantt Chart

You can easily move tasks around on the Gantt chart by dragging them around, or link tasks by dragging connections directly on the Gantt chart.

Store Baselines

You can save a baseline version of your project schedule to measure your performance against the original baseline plan for the project.

Progress Updates

Time entered into timesheets and updates on the My Tasks page entered in by team members show up right in the project schedule.

Detail Tabs

The detail tabs at the bottom of the project schedule are designed to make it easy to navigate and view/edit task details directly. You can hide the detail tabs in order to see more of the project schedule on the screen at one time.

Task Dependencies

Task dependencies are useful for specifying the order in which tasks must occur relative to other tasks. By specifying task dependencies, the task start and end date may move around depending on the other related tasks.

Assign Resources

Once the tasks are created, then resources can be assigned to the tasks. The workload can be distributed based on % usage or planned hours for each resource assigned to the task, or you can enter in the values at the resource assignment level and allow them to flow back up to the task.

Working Schedule

The working schedule allows you to specify which days of the week are working days that tasks can be scheduled on, which are by default Monday – Friday. The working schedule also allows you to specify exceptions for dates such as holidays so that tasks will not be scheduled on those days.

Task Constraints

Task constraints may be used to specify that a specific task must meet certain criteria, such as “Must Start On or Before” and a specific date associated with the constraint. Constraints are optional and by default all tasks are automatically scheduled “As Soon As Possible”.


You can enter in comments about each task. Multiple comments are supported so that you can track all comments from team members.


Upload documents and link them to tasks in your project. You can also link to files in your Google Drive account or any other web site.

Microsoft Project Integration

Import those MS Project files to quickly migrate to CobaltPM. If you need to share files with coworkers in MS Project format, you can quickly export your Cobalt schedule to MS Project.

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