Resource Management


Cobalt allows you to set up all of your project resources so that you can assign tasks to them. Resources can be licensed users of Cobalt or they can be set up as external resources for tracking purposes.

Global Resources

The resources are set up independently from projects, so they can be assigned to multiple projects.


Resource Assignments

Easily assign team members to tasks in the project schedule. You can see resource utilization on-the-fly to see where resources are available or over-allocated to other tasks/projects.

Team members can see their assigned tasks in the My Tasks view and on the dashboard.


Resource Allocation

Resource allocation charts allow you to see where your resources are allocated across multiple projects. You can drill down to the task level and know where resource are available or over-utilized.

Create Unlimited Resources

There is no limit to the amount of resources that can be created and assigned to scheduled tasks. Resources must be assigned a user license in order to log in.

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